Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come to Goodwood for the Festival of Speed, one of the craziest car events in Europe. There is no more fun burning liquid fuels, but can Goodwood become friends of electric motion?

the arrival

From London, Goodwood House takes one to two hours, depending on the location. Once you have left the dreary highway behind, the small, south-English roads lead you through lush green landscapes and picturesque little villages.

Many miles from Chichester, the first signs appear that point to the Festival of Speed (FOS). These instructions are to be followed carefully so as not to get lost somewhere (the electronic navigation is unfortunately completely useless in the determination of the parking lot).

After a few even smaller roads and a dirt road, you suddenly find yourself on a meadow where the sheep live over the year. But not on these days – to the horizon only parked cars. No, we have not reached the entrance yet. For that you swing on the waiting shuttle, a rustic tractor with trailer.

A parking lot from the Goodwood Festival of Speed

just speechless

When entering the festival area for the first time, you don’t know what to say and the thoughts do not know what to do anymore.

One is still on the said sheep meadow, but this time in the company of the most expensive and rarest vehicles in the world. Example complacent? The current Bugatti Chiron fits seamlessly into the multitude of McLarens, Lamborghinis, Porsches and so many more. As car enthusiasts, you’re already looking forward to seeing just one of these sinfully expensive sports cars. Here they are dozens. Incomprehensible!

Yes, I write for a magazine about electromobility, but I am from the beginning absolutely excited about everything that is traveling on four wheels. I can only say for myself: my eyes have shone!

Porsche 918 Spyder

The tour of the area kept the eyes on, from all old-timers, Nascar vehicles, classic cars, rally cars – it was pretty much everything. But the best thing is the Hill Climb track, which divides the terrain into two areas. All vehicles and owners or drivers show what’s in their cars.

electric goodwood?

But now it finally gets electric. A very special vehicle with a total of 1 MW is waiting for our visit. Our real reason for the trip to Goodwood. The NIO EP9 lurks in the Supercar paddock, hungry for the next record. With 6:45.90 minutes he is the fastest electric car on the Nürburgring. We were allowed to take a seat for you and have a look at it in detail.


Another model caught our attention. Tesla presented almost secretly for the first time his Model 3 in Europe. A seat sample was expressly desired. It will take at least half a year until the first small Teslas come to Germany.

Tesla Model 3

Shortly you will find a detailed report on TOP ZONE about the NIO EP9 and the Tesla Model 3.

At the MINI-House you could marvel at the concept of the first electric MINI. Here we are looking forward to the production model. Then there will come more from us about this car.

MINI electric drive

records are being set here

With 44.61 seconds for the 1.86-kilometer track, the NIO EP9 is the fastest road-legal vehicle ever to reach the finish at the Festival of Speed.

NIO EP9 on the Hill Climb

The record for the fastest electric car and this year’s fastest vehicle, however, VW has secured: With the Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak achieved a time of 43.86 seconds for VW, which makes the time of the NIO EP9 even more impressive. There are not even a second between the vehicles and the I.D. R was built especially for mountain races.

Incidentally, the Hillclimb’s record is 41.6 seconds from 1999, set up with a McLaren-Mercedes MP4/13.

once visited the fos – and now?

The Festival of Speed offers a unique atmosphere. There are many young families, speedjunkies, drivers, car drivers and of course so many different vehicles from all epochs, true to the motto „from historic to new cars“. It usually smells of burnt rubber and some burners scream their throats in pursuit of the next record or just for fun.

Of course it is not ecological or even nearly sensible. Also, electric cars make up a minimal proportion of the total vehicles. But the two fastest cars of the event this year were now electrically on the way. And so you can say that electric mobility has earned a solid place in Goodwood this year and I’m sure we’ll see more electric cars in Goodwood in the next few years.

The post and the video do not include paid product placement. The NIO GmbH has invited us to this event. The flights, the hotel as well as the catering on site were taken over by the NIO GmbH.